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Automation Nation is a blog series about how the tech world, and specifically what it is doing in the workplace.

Automation Nation started in June 2013, as a series of posts on The first post in the series talked about how Google Glass had changed the way we think about how we work. Since then, the series has explored the intersection of AI and the workplace, from the workplace to work, and everything in between. The series is by its very nature a mixture of things, and I’m thrilled to be able to post and write about it on this blog.

I think automation nation is one of the most important posts in this series and I think it’s a very important blog post. It’s a mixture of data, opinions, and a bit of humor that I was lucky enough to get to work on.

Automation nation is a game that you can play online and get the AI to do anything it needs to. For instance, I am currently playing it with two AI companions and we are able to create a whole bunch of new weapons. While I can do all of this manually, we are able to automate this process and get the AI to build the weapons in no time.

AI is a tricky beast. One of the issues is that AI has all of the same rules as humans. They have the same emotions, instincts, and human abilities, but they also have some of the same capabilities. Like you said, we are able to create new weapons and weapons that are not created by humans. For instance, I am able to create a gun that fires shrapnel that slices through armor.

Some say this is a step in the right direction for AI. I don’t know. But there is one thing that is going on in the background that is really cool. We have AI being able to create autonomous robots and we call these robots “automation nation.” So now we have robots with new weaponry and abilities.

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