how do responsive display ads use automation

I’m not a huge fan of responsive display ads.

This is mostly because of the fact that the first few times I heard about them I thought that they were some sort of bizarre, dystopian, new form of advertising that would only be used by people who had a huge bank account, had a huge ad budget, and really really badly needed to advertise. After I saw one, I wasn’t so sure. Maybe it was actually a good thing.

Im not sure what the big deal is about responsive display, other than the fact that Google is using it as a way to get advertisers to advertise on their Google site. It does seem to be working to a degree. I mean, I know that Google does have its own ad network, but they have no way to get the ads onto my computer without having to wait for them to show up on my computer.

The ads don’t even seem to appear when you click them. You click on them, but they do appear when you go to Google Maps, but not a lot of the time. When you click on a map, the ads start to appear, but not immediately. When you go to Google, it appears as if you’re waiting for the ad to show up. Google is trying to force ads on sites like Google’s paid ads and not on Google.

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