Important points about Escape from Tarkov that may be useful for beginners

Escape from Tarkov is a unique project that combines the mechanics of a battle royale and all the elements of a combat simulator, where the emphasis is not only on finding the best equipment, but also on competent interaction in groups for the effective implementation of skills and equipment.

Death in the game means the loss of all weapons, ammo, equipment and auxiliary items that you have obtained, but the game provides ways to save items, which we will talk about later.

Since it is difficult to find and then save weapons, equipment, weapon accessories and consumable items in Tarkov, it can be difficult for beginners in the early stages.

You can always order an escape from Tarkov boost from professional players who will take control of your account and perform a service to boost your character and leave in your inventory everything that they get in the process of performing the service. To ensure the security of the account, VPN is used, and a guarantee is given for the safety of personal data. After completing the service, you should change the password, and the status of the order can be tracked on the website in real time.

Beginning of the game

To start, you need to choose your side, which you will represent in an armed conflict. It could be one of two private military campaigns – the United States or Russia.

What is the difference between private military companies:

  1. Type of language in negotiations among themselves. Americans will speak English, and Russians will use Russian among themselves, regardless of the settings.
  2. The difference in uniform, equipment, pouches and weapons used by a private military company. The equipment is taken from real weapons used by the military representatives of both countries. You will still be able to pick up weapons from another faction, but you will need to destroy the fighter of the enemy PMC.
  3. In addition to equipment, weapons and ammunition, different PMCs also use different types of alcohol – vodka will be the lot of Russians.

At the first stages, it is not the chosen PMC that matters to you, but immersion in game mechanics and accelerated development.

You need to master the difficult and close to realistic shooting mechanics, learn how to read the game map, get weapons, ammunition and equipment, and of course camouflage yourself on the ground and maneuver in combat conditions.

Escape from Tarkov is first and foremost a simulator, so you need to master the mechanics of shooting, moving and getting ammo and consumable auxiliary items.

If you go into battle right away, on the main character, then you will often die, not know where to get equipment and weapons, lose what you have already found and quickly lose interest in the project.

To get comfortable in Escape from Tarkov, you’d better go to the trial mode against bots.

You will not meet real opponents, and you will be able to study the game map, look for places where you can get weapons and ammunition, entry and exit points to the zone and find places where you can ambush and kill representatives of the enemy PMC.

Please note that you will not have a mini-map or even a compass – you can get it for a series of tasks, or simply buy it for a large amount of money.

You will have a physical map of the world, which you will have to learn to read in order to navigate the terrain. It will help to compare the general marks on the map and large objects on the territory – Sawmill, river, and so on.

You need not only to find weapons and ammunition, but also accessories for them – sights, collimators, a pen to increase shooting accuracy and much more, but when you die, you risk losing all this. Therefore, try to insure or hide everything of value before risky exits.

Wild character as a tool for obtaining weapons, ammunition and equipment

For better mastering of game content and at the same time a tool for extracting key resources, you should use a Wild character.

This is a special character, not associated with any PMC, which you essentially rent for a certain time.

The advantages are that in case of death you do not risk anything, you will simply lose what you managed to collect before death. If you live the entire term of the lease, you will transfer all the finds to the main character and subsequently strengthen the character, or they will be sold and bring a cash reward.

Scavs are ignored by other bandits and can be attacked by other savages and PMCs. Attacks on rented characters are not welcomed by the game system and carry a penalty in the form of a decrease in loyalty level with the merchant faction.

This will affect the rental time of the wild, the prices for buying and selling equipment, and even aggression from neutral characters.

You can increase your rating – you need to kill an enemy PMC in the wild status, kill the wild ones under the control of another player who is trying to kill all the players around. Get out of the zone by special ways for free, or by paying for the exit by transport from the combat zone.

A good status with the faction of merchants will bring you not only high and favorable prices from the representatives of the trade, the neutrality or favor of the savages and bosses, and even the open opportunity to buy equipment that comes to the merchants after collecting from the killed PMCs in the war zones.

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