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Jasc apparel has truly become a go-to for all women. From the iconic jean jacket to the comfortable, all-over-patterned dress, this label specializes in comfortable, fashionable clothes.

The company is based in the Netherlands, and it’s one of the only fashion brands that sells dresses with denim. The brand was founded in 2005.

The company has been around since the beginning of the 2000s. It was founded by Jurgen Vissen and his brother-in-law, Dirk Vissen. The Vissens had been in the fashion industry for a long time before they decided to focus on fashion for women. Jurgen Vissen is a fashion designer and was the original founder and creative director for the label. Dirk Vissen is the business manager.

The brand has become a popular brand among young people because of its affordable lines. The brand is famous for its denim dresses with the denim jackets.

For the past few years, Jurgen Vissen has been working on an ambitious project to develop a series of denim jeans. He has developed this project with an eye on how he can make the jeans more durable and the design more interesting. The jeans, which are made out of cotton, and are available in at least two colorways, will be a part of the Jasc collection, which will be launched next month.

The jeans are the first item to be sold at Jasc, and the latest to be sold at Jasc is the ‘Black and White,’ which will be available for purchase in two colors. The ‘Black and White’ and ‘Black and White’ are the only two colors that will be available to Jasc. So in the first few days of the sale, you’ll be able to find ‘Black and White’ and ‘Black and White’ at auction.

The jeans are a bit more comfy than your typical denim, but they are also a bit more dressy than a pair of jeans. They have a higher waist and a longer rise on the legs than your average pair of jeans. The jean waistband is also wider than most jeans, which makes them look like they should be worn with a belt.

Jasc isn’t really a denim brand, so their jeans are actually a bit of a stretch. It’s just that the width and length are the same, so if you were planning on wearing a pair of jeans with a belt, you might as well just get a pair of jeans with a belt, as they will be the same.

It’s not just that they have a higher waist and a longer rise on the legs than your typical pair of jeans. They are also thicker, more rigid, and have higher rise and waist. They also have more elastic in the waistband than the typical pair of jeans.

So that you can be sure that the jeans in question were made to measure.

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