Key Considerations When Choosing Between LTO and Cloud Storage

The trend for the majority of businesses today all points to an increased concern for effective data management and data storage. This is primarily due to the fact that businesses have to regularly process huge amounts of data. Typically, this data includes customer information, order details, and other business transactions. 

As of now, there are two main options as regards data storage: Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Cloud Storage. In this article, we are going to define these two systems. Additionally, we will also talk about their respective advantages. After having read this text, you should be able to determine the main differences between LTO vs. cloud storage and decide which one is most suitable for your needs.


This storage technology was developed back in the 1990s. It was initially intended to be an open standard alternative to the proprietary magnetic tape formats that were quite prominent at the time. Since then, LTO has undergone significant generational developments, with each generation becoming faster, more feature-rich, more reliable, and higher capacity than the previous one. 

Cloud Storage

Aptly named, cloud storage involves the use of online or virtual servers as a means to store data. Although cloud storage still fundamentally uses physical storage units, it is often maintained by a cloud storage service provider. These storage units are typically massive in scale. In such a system, information is stored in the data center and is made available to users via the internet.

Advantages of LTO

High Performance

The latest iteration of LTO is able to process data extremely quickly. At present, LTO systems can read and write data at a staggering rate of 3.6 terabytes per hour. On top of that, it could also encrypt, store, and protect data up to 45 terabytes. These numbers are projected to increase with the upcoming implementation of LTO’s 12th generation. Precisely because of this feature, LTO is extremely beneficial for large-scale business operations.


As mentioned earlier, LTO was developed back in the ’90s. This, in and of itself, is already indicative of how well-established this platform is. The support for LTO is also still very active. This means that, as users continue to use this platform, updates and improvements will be made more frequently and on a regular basis.


Aside from the platform being very capable as a long-term solution, the drives themselves are also very durable and thus reliable. LTO tape drives can operate uninterruptedly for two to three decades without signs or indications of failure. Aside from this, LTO drives are also completely offline. Because of this, the files stored on the drives are safe from malware and other forms of cybersecurity threats.

Advantages of Cloud Storage


One of the major highlights of a cloud-based storage system is that it tends to be very convenient and accessible. As we mentioned above, data in a cloud-based storage system is stored in an online server. This means that it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere through the internet. This feature makes cloud storage very conducive and effective for any kind of collaborative work.


Another big advantage of a cloud-based storage system is that it is easier to scale up your operations. Unlike LTO or some other on-site storage systems, the expansion will not require you to put up another local server. Effectively, you avoid having to acquire new equipment and you also avoid having to incur installation costs. In a cloud-based storage system, you could easily sync your file directly through your designated cloud and continue with your operations normally.


Finally, cloud storage is extremely efficient. This is particularly true as regards the space required for setting up and maintaining the storage system. In a cloud-based storage system, you won’t have to lease as big a space as you would if you intend to keep all your files on-site. Also, if you find that you require less storage space, you can easily adjust your terms with your service provider instead of having to manually program your storage units.

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