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In an effort to stamp out black-hat link-building tactics, Google introduced its Penguin update. This lead many people to believe that backlinks must contribute positively to a website’s ranking profile. Backlinks demonstrate that a website is an authoritative, significant source of information. By comparison, guest posts do not give the same sort of boost to a site’s search ranking. So, should you write a guest post?

Dos and Don’ts of writing  

One of the most important elements of SEO guest posting is keywords. In the meta description, people will see the main keywords of your article along with a short summary. This will help search engines rank your article more highly. To add keywords, write a compelling meta description that includes the main keywords and summarizes the article. Make sure to use proper keyword density. The best practice is to place them in strategic spots throughout the article.

Don’t write a lengthy post just to get a link. While guest posts can be very useful in gaining links, they are not as effective as one-page content. If possible, keep the post under a thousand words and only include five internal links. If the blog owner does not specify high quality guest post sites any guidelines, don’t be afraid to ask. Make sure to follow their advice and observe any unspoken rules. Similarly, every blog has a certain writing style that should be reflected in the content of the guest post.

Avoiding spammy guest posts

Creating backlinks to your website is another important part of SEO guest posts. Getting backlinks will boost your ranking and make your content more authoritative. You will have to be aware that guest blogging works differently than regular blogging, so you should always make sure to make your external links informative. You can also create internal links to other posts on the same site to give the site owner more value.

Creating good guest posts can help you reach your target audience. Whether you are writing on behalf of a client or promoting your own website, good articles should be digestible and easy to understand. Avoid using duplicate content, guest posts from unqualified freelancers, or spammy backlinks. You can still include links to your site in your author bio, which is a perfectly acceptable method of building backlinks.

Legitimate guest post offer

There are many legitimate reasons to accept guest posts, including link building, credibility, and new subscribers. What differentiates a legitimate guest post offer from spam is its relevance. A guest post offer that is completely irrelevant to the topic of the blog is spam. Unless the guest blogger has written the post themselves, it isn’t worth the effort. So, how do you avoid spammy guest posts? Here are some tips:

Don’t use black hat SEO tactics. Although guest posting can provide you with a valuable traffic stream, you need to avoid spammy black hat SEO tactics. In order to attract readers, write quality content that is valuable to them. By providing relevant information, your readership will naturally share the backlinks to your website. Always use branded backlinks or links that are DoFollow. If you’re unsure how to avoid spammy guest posts, check out these simple tips.

Getting a guest post published  

You’ve written a great guest post, but now you’re wondering how to get it published on a blog. Well, here are some tips to help you get your post published on a blog:

Find the email address of the blog owner. Most bloggers have a contact form, but there are other ways to reach the blog owner. LinkedIn has tools like Hunter that find email addresses. Lastly, use a keyword research tool like Keywords Everywhere, which is a free guest posting services Chrome extension. These two tools can help you find the emails of any website owner. You can use these tools to research keywords for your guest posts.

Before submitting your guest post, check its link structure. Most guest posts contain a link to a page on a relevant authority website and internal links. These are all signals to Google and improve your ranking. If you want to get a higher ranking on Google, you should make sure your backlinks are quality. The more high-quality backlinks your site receives, the higher it will rank in Google.


Write your guest posts in areas of expertise. Your audience may be varied and you may be unable to target an audience with the same interests. A poorly researched guest post will most likely be a Post That Already Exists. A guest post written by an author who does not have experience in the topic will be seen as a poor quality, and may be rejected by the editor. To avoid this, try to write about something you’re knowledgeable about.

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