What a Cellular Consumer Need to Know Before Availing Phone and Plans

Cellular consumers in Singapore have many options to choose from when it comes to telcos and plans. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is the best for you? Let’s find out.

Types of Cellular Phone Plans in Singapore

Singapore has two main types of phone plans: postpaid and pre-paid. Postpaid plans are those where you get billed at the end of the month for your usage, while pre-paid plans are where you pay for your credit in advance.

Post-Paid Plans

Postpaid plans are the most popular type of phone plan in Singapore. This is because they offer a lot of flexibility and are generally more affordable than pre-paid plans.

Singapore has three main postpaid plans: contract, no contract, and SIM only. Contract plans are where you sign up for a certain amount of minutes, texts, and data usage each month, and in exchange, you get a cheaper monthly rate. No-contract plans are similar to contract plans, but you are not locked into a contract and can cancel anytime. SIM-only plans are where you pay for your SIM card and do not get a new phone. This is the cheapest type of postpaid plan.

The Cost of Cellular Phone Plans in Singapore

Cellular phone plans in Singapore can be very affordable, as there is a lot of competition between the telcos. The cheapest postpaid plans start at around $20 per month, while the most expensive plans can cost up to $100 per month. Pre-paid plans generally cost less than postpaid plans, with the cheapest starting at around $10 per month.  The best postpaid plan in Singapore depends on your needs, so choosing one should depend on those factors.

Pre-Paid Plans

Pre-paid plans are not as popular as postpaid plans in Singapore, but they have advantages. The main advantage of pre-paid plans is that you are not tied to a contract and can cancel anytime. Pre-paid plans are also great for those who do not use their phone often, as you only pay for your credit.

There are two main pre-paid plans in Singapore: top-up and reloadable. Top-up plans are where you buy a certain amount of credit in advance, and this credit expires after a certain period. Reloadable plans are where you have a card that you can reload with credit whenever you need to.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Phone Plan

Now that you know the different types of phone plans available in Singapore, it is time to choose the right one for you. There are a few things that you should take into consideration when choosing a phone plan, such as:

  • Your monthly budget
  • Your usage habits (e.g., how often you use your phone, how much data you use, etc.)
  • The type of phone that you have
  • The coverage of the network

Once you have considered all these factors, you can choose the best phone plan for your needs.

Data Usage Allowances

When choosing a phone plan, one of the most important things to consider is your data usage allowance. This is because data is becoming increasingly important, and you do not want to pay overage charges.

Most postpaid plans in Singapore come with an unlimited data usage allowance, while pre-paid plans generally have a lower data allowance. Choosing a program that gives you enough data for your needs is essential, as you do not want to end up paying for more than you use.

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